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Sabine Neches Sectional Winners
September 19-22, 2013

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Thursday, September 22

Stratified Open Pairs - Thursday Morning
A, B   C
Don and Juinez Moss   Melba Lee and Jerry Heckman


299er Pairs - Thursday Morning
  A, B, C  
  Joe Nichols and Kenneth Hudson  


Stratified Open Pairs - Thursday Afternoon
Cynthia Stueber and Nancy Smalley Jeff Kroll and Joe Volanski Wayne Outlaw and Billie Carter


299er Pairs - Thursday Afternoon
  A, B, C  
  Kris Cherry and Joe Payne  

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Friday, September 20

Stratified Open Pairs - Friday Morning
Nancy Smalley and Cynthia Stueber Don and Juinez Moss Melba Lee and Reggie Cox


299er Pairs - Friday Morning
A (Tie) A (Tie) and B C
Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody Glenda Bass and Bill Delboy David and Virgia Walker


Stratified Open Pairs - Friday Afternoon
Nancy and Bill Riley Ed Rasmussen and Hugh Smith Wayne Outlaw and Billie Carter


299er Pairs - Friday Afternoon
  A, B, and C  
  Dale Miller and Ann Trammell  

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Saturday, September 21

Stratified Open Pairs - Saturday Morning
A   B and C
Wilbur and Verna Dahlquist   Norma Crane and Helen Williams


299er Pairs - Saturday Morning
  A. B, and C  
  Marilyn Elliott and Anne Collier  


Stratified Open Pairs - Saturday Afternoon
George Fox and Vic Sowers Betty Poindexter and Arline Meyers Linda Briggs and Jack Evans


299er Pairs - Saturday Afternoon
  A, B, and C  
  Susan Nimmo and Sandra Allison  

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Sunday, September 22

Stratified Swiss Teams - Sunday
Carolyne Fox, James Breihan, Gary King, and Mike Doyle

Nandlal Khatri, Ashok Shingavi, Joseph Wald, and Edwin Zwald

Lynda Jones, Jerry Watts, Bob Townley-Smith, and Zach Townley-Smith


Director Co-Chairs Jean Varvil Trophy*
John Smalley Juinez Moss and Carolyn Worsham Nancy Smalley and Cynthia Stueber (15.94 MPs)

* The Jean Varvil Trophy is awarded to the U201 member(s) who earn(s) the most masterpoints at the fall sectional.  The trophy honors the memory of Tipton Golias' mother.

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