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Unit 201 -
Dr. Aiyanadar Bharathi's Retirement Party
January 18, 2014


Dr. Aiyanadar Bharathi, affectionately known as Dr. B, was honored with a retirement party at the Beaumont Bridge Studio.  The luncheon was catered by MacKenzie's Pub, courtesy of Tipton Golias, Dr. B's friend and frequent bridge partner.  As Tipton stated, Dr. B's retirement from Christus St. Elizabeth simply provided an opportunity to honor him for his service to the Beaumont Bridge Studio.  Dr. B shared a bit about how he came to call Beaumont his home for the last 35 years and how much his bridge family means to him.

Thank you, Dr. B for all you have done for the Beaumont Bridge Studio, the community, and the world!

Dr. B introduced the head table of friends from the medical community.
As Tipton described the many contributions Dr. B has made to the Beaumont Bridge Studio over the past 25 years, Dr. B made sure the event was duly recorded.
Sally Blewett and Patsy Pierce light-heartedly roasted Dr. B with gifts to make his transition to retirement easier -- an apron, duster, plunger, and clock -- and presented him with one free play at the Bridge Studio to ease the burden of his "fixed income."  President Dave Becker presented Dr. B with a super-sized key chain.
Dr. B was joined at the head table by special friends and associates.
Ed Rasmussen directed the event -- quite a houseful of noisy bridge players, all having a great time.
The Players - 27 Tables!
Dr. B. and Tipton Golias Patsy Pierce and Sally Blewett Margaret Wheelus and Natalie Greenberg
Marian Jones and Betty Poindexter Carolyn Worsham and Linda Briggs Juanita Dean and Wayne Outlaw
Fred Rice and Gertrude Cherry Kaz Bell and June Eddingston E. W. Sweeney and Paul Aguillard
Mary Jane Garth and Dolores Belton Connor Smith and Paul Keedy Beverly Hulsey and Vivian Breedlove
Ron Stueber and Jean Davis Blanche Sibley and Juanell Jones Arline Meyers and Beverly Leger
Donna McFerrin and Songa Gremillion Patricia Woods and Lucille Armintor Carol and Bob McGill
Martha West and Joan Hataway Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart Barney and Jean Hammer
Emmy Ferguson and Jack Evans Mary Lou Terry and Barbara White Don and Janis Williams
Edwina and Jim Landrum Jo Woody and Jane Kalkbrenner Nixie Lynch and Raj Dhamankar
Cynthia Stueber and Don Holst Joan and Dana Burnett Kris Cherry and Martha Oliver
Phyllis Ryan and Jerry Triggs Beverly Broussard and Lou Ida Rising Nancy Smalley and Dave Becker
Lynda Jones and Jerry Watts Tim Stelly and John Kacher Harriet Garth and Bill Russell
Ernestine Fisher and Anna Smith Jerry and Susan Gore Ron Sanders and Martha Sigler
Marilyn Adams and Jerry Heckman Bill Delboy and Glenda Bass Hugh Smith and Thelma Stockdale
Jo Ellen Lavergne and Phyllis Mann Susan Nimmo and Sandra Allison Wilbur and Verna Dahlquist
Linda Adamchik and Pat Bell Mary Nix and Loretta Gary Kay Hooper and Sylvia Street
Ernie and Betty Schluter Betty Kirwin and Norma Crane Cindy Mabry and Rhetta Sellers
Bob Townley-Smith and Zach Townley-Smith Lynn Gamblin and Tonya McNabb Ann Montgomery and Earl Johnson
Mary V Engelking and Mary Lou Terry   Jack Sibley and Tommy Engelking

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