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Unit 201 -
Neches River Festival Games
April 7-11, 2014

Trophy Winners

Mon - Open (1st)
Edwina Landrum and Marian Jones
Mon - Open (2nd)
Arline Meyers and Betty Poindexter
Mon - <500 (1st)
Helen and Rudy Williams
Mon - <500 (2nd)
Betty and Ernie Schluter
Tue - <50 (1st)
Betty Favreau and Shirley Griffith and
Tue - <50 (2nd)
Ann Creswell and Lucille Armintor
Tue - <1000 (1st)
Carolyn Worsham and Jack Evans
Tue - <1000 (2nd - tie)
Liz MacKenzie and Juinez Moss
Tue - <1000 (2nd - tie)
Marilyn Adams and Tim Stelly
Wed - <300 (1st)
Jerry and Susan Gore
Wed - <300 (2nd)
Betty Kirwin and Jean Hammer
Wed - Open (1st)
Kaz Bell and Marian Jones
Wed - Open (2nd)
Cynthia Stueber and Blanche Sibley
Thu - Mentor (1st)
June Eddingston and Linda Briggs
Thu - Mentor (2nd)
E. W. Sweeney and Sally Blewett
Fri - Open (1st)
Mary Nix and Mary Johnson
Fri - Open (2nd)
Dolores Belton and Mary Jane Garth
Sun - Open (1st)
John and Nancy Smalley
Sun - Open (2nd - Tie)
Cynthia Stueber and June Eddingston
  Sun - Open (2nd - Tie)
Tim Stelly and John Kacher
King's Buffet - Fri, April 11, 2014
Patrick Phelan, Reigning King Neches LXVI, honored the Beaumont Bridge Studio with his presence.  Accompanying him were NRF President Bernie Daleo, Sue Golias, and Kara Weid
President Daleo visited with Mary Jane Garth Carolyn Worsham and June Eddingston joined the Royalty at the head table. Dolores Belton and Liz MacKenzie hosted the party.
Beverly Broussard, Kay Hooper, Juanita Dean, and Vivian Breedlove Susan Nimmo, Juinez Moss, and Mary Johnson Harriet Garth, Anna Smith, Linda Briggs, and Betty Kirwin
Jerry Heckman, Harriet Garth, and Jack Evans Mary Jane Garth and Linda Briggs Bill Lucas, Kaz Bell, Dana Burnett, and Barney Hammer
Don Moss, Ed Rasmussen, and Director John Smalley Tim Stelly, Lorraine Brown, and Barbara White Ernie and Betty Schluter, Ernestine Fisher
Sixteen and one-half tables joined in the fun.
Lorraine Brown and Anna Smith Beverly Hulsey Thelma Stockdale and Hugh Smith
Sally Blewett and Dana and Joan Burnett Mary Lou Terry and Hugh Smith Paul Keedy

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