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Unit 201 -
John and Nancy Smalley Appreciation Party
May 3, 2014

John and Nancy Smalley were honored for their many contributions to the Beaumont Bridge Studio, Unit 201, and the ACBL.  Sally Blewett presided over the event.  Tipton Golias provided the catered buffet.  Anna Smith, Marian Jones, Joan Hataway, Tipton Golias, Dr. Bharathi, and Dave Becker "roasted" the couple.  A trophy was unveiled in their honor to note the high point winner at the annual spring sectional.
Sally expressed the studio's appreciation for John and Nancy; Anna noted how "soft spoken" Nancy is; and Marian spoke of fun times at tournaments.
Joan read her "Ode to Nancy and John" (see below); Dr. Bharathi credited Nancy with recruiting many members via her instruction; and Tipton spoke of the leadership provided by John.
Family members joined the celebration.
Nancy introduced their family before the buffet was served.
Dave added Mickey and Minnie to Nancy's doll collection. John posed with the cake decorated with "Unit 201 loves Nancy and John." The John and Nancy Smalley Trophy was unveiled.
The Players - 23 Tables in spite of numerous conflicts!
Liz Mackenzie and Carol McGill Nixie Lynch and E. W. Sweeney Blanche Sibley and Juanell Jones
Dee Payne and Ruby Collins Songa Gremillion and Donna McFerrin Dr. A. Bharathi and Tipton Golias
Jack Evans and Carolyn Worsham Helen and Rudy Williams Joan and Dana Burnett
Bob Townley-Smith and Keeley Townley-Smith Sally Blewett and Jerry Heckman Beverly Hulsey and Vivian Breedlove
Connor Smith and Cathy Henderson Rebecca Krull and Judy Lofton Emmy Ferguson and Hugh Smith
Betty Favreau and Frances Price Mary Johnson and Betty Poindexter Jean and Barney Hammer
Norma Crane and Sarah Smith Juanita Dean and Martha Bookman Regina Cox and Betty Kirwin
Mary Lou Terry and Eleanor Shuffield Phyllis Ryan and Jerry Triggs Martha Sigler and Pat Bell
Susan Nimmo and Paul Aguillard Ernestine Fisher and Anna Smith Thelma Stockdale and Dolores Belton
Dave Becker and Zach Townley-Smith Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist Joan Hataway and Janice Niederstadt
Michael Lemons and Joe Payne Juinez and Don Moss Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody
Jim and Edwina Landrum June Eddingston and Don Holst Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart
Marcia Freeman, Brenda, and Patti Salter Marian Jones and Kaz Bell Sylvia Street and Kay Hooper
Arline Meyers and Beverly Leger Betty and Ernie Schluter Kacie McClure and Lynn Gamblin
John and Nancy Smalley Time Stelly and Ron Sanders Jo Ellen Lavergne and Phyllis Mann
Lynda Jones and Jerry Watts   Director Ed Rasmussen

Ode to Nancy and John

There was a young couple named Smalley
Whose bridge prowess astounded us all (y).
She taught duplicate bridge to the masses,
He deftly directed the lads and lasses.

As a twosome, they excelled in all tournaments,
Using doubles and biddings, so fancy.
They bid all of the latest conventions,
Earning many masterpoints, that John and Nancy.

She teaches the backward
And they learn to go forward.
He directs the groups
While jumping thru' hoops.

With a commanding voice that penetrates fog,
She makes her presence known.
And his jovial laugh rings thru' the room
So you can't hear all of us groan.

From the plains of the wild old west
They came to Beaumont at last to rest,
Contributing their skills to enrich us all
At a volume that is anything but small.

They came from a state called Wyoming
And after their travels and roaming
They joined a bridge family so dear
And we are all thankful they are here.

We've depended on their skills, their support, their never-ending devotion
So, from a studio so steeped in sharks, our love is as deep as the ocean.

Beaumont Bridge Studio | 950 North Street | Beaumont, TX  77701 | Phone 409-838-2447
Club Manager:  John Smalley | Phone 409-924-0706 | smalleyjn@yahoo.com
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