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Unit 201 -
Ed Rasmussen's Gold Life Master Party
January 10, 2015

Thanks to Linda Briggs for the photos!

The Honoree - Ed Rasmussen
Ed came to Unit 201 in 2010 from Braintree, MA.  He is a tremendous asset to both the Beaumont Bridge Studio and the Orange Community Bridge League.  He directs at both clubs and unselfishly plays with those with limited bridge skills.  Ed introduced the club to printable hand records in 2010 and goes way beyond the call of duty to assure that all results are recorded properly and completely.  Twenty-two tables honored him for his contributions.

Thanks, Ed, for all you do for U201 and bridge!

U201 President Carolyn Worsham introduced Ed. Ed enjoyed his position at the head table as honoree. Orange President Billie Carter explained what Ed has meant to the Orange club.

Nancy presented Ed with two gifts from the club. Ed eagerly opened the gifts - a photo album and clock. Ed thanked the group.
Nancy Smalley, Betty Poindexter, and Connor Smith hosted a delightful party that recognized Ed's accomplishment.  Nancy told a humorous story about the first time she met Ed.  Assuming he was a beginner, she suggested he attend her beginner lessons.  Little did she know that he had 2,000 points when he moved to Beaumont in 2010! Sandra Allison graciously stayed around and cleaned up the kitchen so that others could play.
The Players
Betty Poindexter and Ed Rasmussen Joan and Dana Burnett Billie Carter and Jerry Triggs
Loretta Gary and Mary Johnson Ruby Collins and Dee Payne Earl Jonhson and Jerry Heckman
Blanche Sibley and Juanell Jones Patricia Woods and Lucille Armintor Don and Juinez Moss
Paul Keedy and Liz Karnicki Barbara White and Cathy Henderson Cynthia Stueber and Don Holst
Kris Cherry and Joe Payne Violet Branch and Wayne Outlaw Bob and Carol McGill
Kate Mulhollan and Ferrel Ashby John Kacher and Tim Stelly Wilbur and Verna Dahlquist
Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody Bill Delboy and Glenda Bass Betty Kirwin and Norma Crane
Lynn Adamchik and Pat Bell Dr. Bharathi and Tipton Golias E. W. Sweeney and Phyllis Mann
Patsy Pierce and Sally Blewett Juanita Dean and Dolores Belton Helen Williams and Sarah Smith
Reggie Cox and Marian Jones Barney and Jean Hammer Janice Niederstadt and Beverly Broussard
Alice Keith and Bill Lucas Liz Mackenzie and Jack Evans Fred Rice
Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie Jim and Edwina Landrum Ernestine Fisher and Anna Smith
Beverly Leger and Arline Meyers Paul Aguillard and Susan Nimmo Bob and Zack Townley-Smith
Marilyn Adams and Jenny Shuffield Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham Gloria Ayres and Nixie Lynch
June Eddingston and Lorena Strange Ernie and Betty Schluter Kimberly Goodson and Jenny Shuffield
  John Smalley, Director  

Beaumont Bridge Studio | 950 North Street | Beaumont, TX  77701 | Phone 409-838-2447
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