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Unit 201 -
The Longest Day - Benefitting the Alzheimer's Association
Monday, June 22, 2015

Participation was great!  The morning game attracted 15 tables, the afternoon game attracted 18 tables, and the evening game attracted 3.5 tables of those who weren't completely worn out!  

Partners were bought, games were named, meals were donated, games were played, and donations were made by players, family members, and friends.  Thanks to all who participated in any way.

The total donation to the Alzheimer's Association including game receipts
 exceeded $6,700. 

Job well done, Unit 201!!!!


Morning Overall Winners
(A) Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist (B) Juanell Jones and Carolyn Worsham (C) Joe Kazmar and Bob Hood
Morning Players
Beverly, Jane, Beverly, Jo Cynthia, Marilyn, Lou Ida, Betty Mike, Juanell, Carolyn
Don, Mary, Jerry, Dolores Patsy, Diane, Paul, Dave Bob, Helen, Joe, Anna
Liz, E. W., Beverly, Nancy Dr. B, Marian, Connor, Reggie June, Pat, Ann, Martha
Patricia, Wilbur, Glenda, Verna Steve, Juinez, Jack, Don John, Lavergne, Ed, Blanche
Lynda, Arline, Lynn, Susan Dr. Bharathi, sporting his "I was bought by Connor Smith" badge of honor! Sandra, Nixie, Flo, Carol
Afternoon Overall Winners Evening Winners
(A and B) Juanell Jones and Blanche Sibley (C) Joby Irving and Sandra Allison Jerry and Susan Gore
Afternoon Players
Kimberly, Lynda, Glenda, E. W. Barbara, Bob, Mary Lou, Sarah Carol, Connor, Jack, Dolores
Helen, Flo, Jean Beverly, Joby, Wayne, Sandra Blanche, Lou Ida, Juanell, Beverly
Juanita, Patricia, Lynn, Ed Dr. B, Donna, Cynthia, Nixie Carol, Pat, Liz, Frankie
Thelma, Dave, Paul, Diane Joe, Barney, Bob, Gretchen Mary, Beverly, Anna, Martha
Susan, Vicki, Jerry, Susan Jerry, Liz, Sally, Ann, Patsy Verna, Sally, Wilbur, Patsy
Edwina, Mike, Nancy, Carolyn Don, Marian, Juinez, Reggie Loretta, Betty
Unwinding and Enjoying Pizza After Two Games!
Event Chairman, Carolyn Worsham, with
grandchildren Max, Margaret, Cody, and Lee

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