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Unit 201 -
Marilyn Adams' Life Master Party
November 7, 2015

Thanks to Patsy Pierce and Linda Briggs for the photos!


Marilyn Adams with husband, Gilbert
Marilyn Adams began playing bridge as a child with her family.  She recalls her mom suggesting she forego her homework so she could be the family "fourth" in the evenings.  About six years ago Earl Johnson encouraged Marilyn to play at the studio.  She earned her Life Master rank on June 11, 2015 while playing with long-time mentor, Martha Sigler.  The Red, White, and Blue Election Celebration was enjoyed by 18 tables of players and friends.  Marilyn's family (husband and five children and families) joined her for lunch.
Marilyn's Family
Back (l to r) Chris Leblanc with Hugh, son Gilbert Adams III, Misty Adams, daughter Julianna Leblanc, Marilyn, husband Gilbert, daughter Mary Margaret Groves, Ned Groves, Matt Mathews with Royal, daughter Catherine Matthews
Front (l to r) Barrett Groves, William Leblanc, Rosemary Leblanc, Henry Leblanc, Camille Groves, and Audrey Groves
Dan and Jill Karnicki were honored guests.  Dan is pictured with Paul Keedy on the left; Jill is pictured with Earl Johnson on the right.
The studio was decorated in red, white, and blue to honor Marilyn.
Linda Briggs, Carolyn Worsham, Betty Poindexter, Connor Smith, E. W. Sweeney, Martha Sigler, and Phyllis Mann served as hosts.
Carolyn Worsham chaired the program. Marilyn thanked her family and guests. Dr. Bharathi shared his words and presented a gift to Dan Karnicki.
Dan accepted the gift in memory of his wife, Liz. Dan poses with his "two Marilyns." Tipton Golias shared the meaning of Marilyn's accomplishment with her family.
  The grandchildren enjoyed playing in the library.  

The Players

Jack Evans and Marilyn Adams Reggie Cox and Paul Aguillard Jerry and Susan Gore
Flo Gillispie and Martha Sigler Kaz Bell and Patsy Pierce Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart
Nancy and John Smalley Marian Jones and Betty Poindexter Barney and Jean Hammer
Barbara White and Phyllis Mann Juanell Jones and Blanche Sibley Mary Lou Terry and Carolyn Worsham
Paul Keedy and Connor Smith Lou Ida Rising and Linda Briggs Joan Hataway and Jan Niederstadt
Betty Kirwin and Norma White Arline Meyers and Beverly Leger Dr. A Bharathi and Tipton Golias
Don and Juinez Moss Sandra Allison and E. W. Sweeney Anna Smith and Thelma Stockdale
Don Holst and Cynthia Stueber Jane Kalkbrenner and Jerry Heckman Kimberly Goodson and Fred Rice
Carol and Bob McGill Dave Becker and June Eddingston Nat Hallmark and Frances Price
Carolyn Oliver and Juanita Dean Loretta Gary and Mary Johnson Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist
Janis and Don Williams Sylvia Street and Kay Hooper Ernie and Betty Schluter
Pat Bell and Lynn Adamchik John Kachar and Tim Stelly Tony Haddad and Jimmy Breihan


Beaumont Bridge Studio | 950 North Street | Beaumont, TX  77701 | Phone 409-838-2447
Club Manager:  John Smalley | Phone 409-924-0706 | smalleyjn@yahoo.com
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