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Unit 201 -
Life Master Party for Linda Briggs
January 9, 2016

Thanks to Patsy Pierce, Dr. Bharathi, and Linda's family for the photos!


Linda began playing duplicate bridge six years ago.  She earned her 50th gold point, achieving Life Master status, at the 2015 Beaumont Gusher Regional.  Linda thanked her family for support and thanked her partners who played with her in local games, numerous sectionals, and 13 regional tournaments in Texas, Louisiana, and Iowa.  She chose "Back to School" as the party theme to recognize that those who play duplicate bridge are always learning.

Linda envisioned a "yearbook" of school photos of bridge players but gave up on the idea.  She was surprised with a finished product.

Yearbook (without names)
Complete Slideshow (with photo identification)

Linda's Family
Joe and Libby Jannise, Chad Briggs, Shara Briggs McClure (daughter), Colleen Briggs, Bob Briggs, Pat Briggs, Lee Briggs (son), Richard Briggs (husband), Shanna Briggs, Lisa Briggs, Michael McClure, Macy Briggs, Linda, and Kate Briggs (Not pictured are family members Craig McClure, Melinda McClure, and Nancy Tatum)
"Go, ye Port Arthur..." -- TJ Grads
TJ Grads Jim Landrum, Juanita Dean, Libby Jannise (Linda's sister), Beverly Broussard, Lou Ida Rising, Dolores Belton, Lucille Armintor, Betty Favreau, Sarah Smith, Linda Briggs, Don Moss, and Janis Williams
Singing the fight song to show that TJ spirit!
The Pre-Game Meal
The Program
Carolyn Worsham introduced Linda.   Linda recognized her family and her partners. A slide show highlighting Linda's life and bridge journey was displayed.  The "yearbook" was a hit.
The Director
Ed Rasmussen
The Host and Hostesses
Lou Ida Rising, Carolyn Worsham, Lynda Jones, Marilyn Adams, June Eddingston, Lucille Armintor, Janis and Don Williams

The Players

Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham Earl Johnson and Paul Aguillard Patsy Pierce and Kaz Bell
Carol and Bob McGill Susan Mandel and June Eddingston Jack Evans and Liz Mackenzie
Dee Payne and Ruby Collins Thelma Stockdale and Mary Lou Terry Patricia Woods and Lucille Armintor
Bobbie Waugh and Cathy Henderson Gertrude Cherry and Sandra Allison Connor Smith and Paul Keedy
Lynda Jones and E. W. Sweeney Helen Williams and Sarah Smith Nixie Lynch and Barney Hammer
Jaye Bessa and Ernestine Fisher Arline Meyers and Beverly Leger Susan Nimmo and Jean Hammer
Pat Schiwart and Frankie Hall Betty Kirwin and Norma Crane Flo and Jim Ferguson
Betty Poindexter and Marian Jones Juinez and Don Moss Susan and Jerry Gore
Tim Stelly and Pat Bell Cynthia Stueber and Nancy Smalley Dr. A. Bharathi and Tipton Golias
Dolores Belton and Juanita dean Don and Janis Williams Jerry Heckman and Carolyn Oliver
Jenny Shuffield and Fred Rice Jan Niederstadt and Vivian Breedlove Betty Favreau and Mabel Matthews
Edwina and Jim Landrum Kimberly and Kayla Tidwell Kris Cherry and Joe Payne
Frances Price and Nat Hallmark Wayne Outlaw and Martha Oliver Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie
Kay Hooper and Sylvia Street Beverly Broussard and Lou Ida Rising Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody
Marilyn Adams - kitchen help extraordinaire!  Juanell Jones and Blanche Sibley Loretta Gary and Mary Johnson


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