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Unit 201 -
Membership Meeting
June 6, 2016

2015 Helen Shambrom Ace of Clubs and
Mini-McKenney Winners*

Joe Kazmar, Gail Griffith, Bobbie Carson, Sylvia Street, John Kacher, Tim Stelly, Sandra Allison, Wayne Outlaw, Dr. A. Bharathi, and Mike Lemons
Not Pictured:  Susan Gore, Pat Bell, Marilyn Adams, Dee Payne, and Tipton Golias


Outgoing board members Arline Meyers and Dave Becker were recognized for their service.  Dr. Aiyandar Bharathi received the Texas Star Award. Anna Smith and Jerry Heckman received the Unit 201 Goodwill Awards.
  Nixie Lynch presented Carolyn Worsham with a gift from the U201 Board.  

Kimberly Goodson, Nixie Lynch, Patsy Pierce, Susan Nimmo, and Carolyn Worsham were elected to two-year terms on the board.  Paul Aguillard was elected to complete the term of Donna McFerrin.

*2015 Helen Shambrom Ace of Clubs and
Mini-McKenney Winners

Helen Shambrom, the most successful club player in the history of the ACBL, won the Grand Life Master category of the annual Ace of Clubs competition so many times that it was named in her honor in 2011.  Most of her 25,000 masterpoints were black points that were won at the club level.  Only masterpoints won at clubs count in the Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs races.

William McKenney was CEO of the ACBL in the early 1900s.  Beginning in 1938 the McKenney Award was given to the ACBL player who amassed the greatest number of points in a year.  Later that award was named the Barry Crane Award, and Mini-McKenney Awards were authorized to recognize players at the ACBL, district, and unit levels.  Masterpoints won at clubs and at tournaments count in the Mini-McKenney races.

0-5 MPs Bobbie Carson Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
5-20 MPs Gail Griffith Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
20-50 MPs Joe Kazmar
Mike Lemons
Ace of Clubs
50-100 MPs Susan Gore Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
100-200 MPs Sandra Allison Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
200-300 MPs Sylvia Street
John Kacher
Ace of Clubs
300-500 MPs Wayne Outlaw
Marilyn Adams
Ace of Clubs
500-1,000 MPs Dee Payne
Pat Bell
Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
1,000-2,500 MPs Tim Stelly Ace of Clubs
2,500- 5,000 MPs Dr. A. Bharathi Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney
Over 10,000 MPs Tipton Golias Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney


Beaumont Bridge Studio | 950 North Street | Beaumont, TX  77701 | Phone 409-838-2447
Club Manager:  John Smalley | Phone 409-924-0706 | smalleyjn@yahoo.com
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