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Unit 201 -
Life Master Party for John Kacher
December 3, 2016


Honoree John with wife, Donna

When John Kacher began playing bridge in Beaumont six years ago, he had about 100 MPs.  The first person who befriended him at the bridge studio was Jack Evans.  Jack introduced John to Tim Stelly, and a long-lasting partnership was formed.  John thanked Tim for being his partner and for recruiting good teams.  At the Gusher Regional in 2015, John, Tim, and Bob and Carol McGill won a KO which resulted in 15.91 GOLD points, putting John well on his way to the 50 gold points needed.  Flo Gillispie was John's partner at the 61st Beaumont Spindletop Sectional in March 2016 when he earned his last required SILVER and his 500th masterpoint to earn Life Master rank.

Twelve-and-one-half tables honored John on a very stormy day and enjoyed a catered lunch from Jo Jo's Bistro in Beaumont. 

Congratulations, John!

John's Family
?, ?, ?, Donna Kacher, John, Son
Hosts and Hostesses
Carolyn Worsham, Linda Briggs, Liz Mackenzie, Sandra Allison, Tim Stelly, and Katie Hudson (Not pictured:  E. W. Sweeney)
Enjoying the Party
The Program
Carolyn Worsham introduced John.  Tim Stelly and Jack Evans spoke of John's prowess at the bridge table.
John spoke of his journey, thanked his partners, and displayed his gift.
The Director
Director, Ed Rasmussen

The Players

Pat Bell and John Kacher (1st in N/S; 1st overall) Sandra Allison and Paul Keedy Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie
Liz Mackenzie and Jack evans Dee Payne and Ruby Collins Jan Niederstadt and Joan Hataway
Arline Meyers and Kaz Bell Barney Hammer and Nixie Lynch Norma Crane and Betty Kirwin
Mike and Carolyn Lemons Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart Marilyn Adams and Betty Poindexter
Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham Kris Cherry and Joe Payne Loretta Gary and Cynthia Stueber
Dolores Belton and Juanita Dean Susan Gore and Lynn Adamchik Ernestine Fisher and Anna Smith
Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist Jerry Gore and Carolyn Oliver Kimberly Goodson and Jenny Shuffield
Betty and Ernie Schluter Don and Juinez Moss Jim and Edwina Landrum
  Tipton Golias and Dr. Bharathi  


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