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Unit 201 -
Life Master Party for E. W. Sweeney
February 4, 2017

E. W. Sweeney, Honoree

 E. W. has faithfully served U201 in a variety of capacities -- as a member and officer of the board, as "extra" partner for limited games, as mentor to new players, and as general "get-it-done" guy.  His contributions and his accomplishment were honored by 21.5 tables of players and his family.

Congratulations, E. W.!

E. W.'s Family
Back row: Dakota Sweeney, Rebecca McDaniel, Charles McDaniel, Alta and E.W. Sweeney, John, Destinie, Donovan and Dante Sweeney.
Front row: Dezra Sweeney, Keana and Caelen McDaniel, D'Kayla and Danica Sweeney
Hosts and Hostesses
Party hosts and hostesses included Linda Briggs, Pat Bell, Don Moss, Nixie Lynch, Sandra Allison, Janis Williams, Juinez Moss, Don Williams, Lynda Jones, and Liz Mackenzie
The Program
Juinez and Alta decked E. W. out with a fedora, tie, and beads. Carolyn Worsham introduced the program. Lynda Jones emceed the event.
Don Moss described E. W. as a lover of God, family, and a good game of bridge. Don Williams spoke of his long association with E. W. in a variety of roles. E. W. read a poem describing his journey and love for all who helped him along the way.
Enjoying the Day
The Director
Director Ed Rasmussen very ably set up and directed the 21.5-table game.

The Players

Judy Lofton and Kelli Cobb Janis and Don Williams Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie
Jane Kalkbrenner and Fred Rice Don and Juinez Moss Ann Montgomery and Jerry Heckman
 Jerry and Susan Gore Tommy and Mary V Engelking Lynn Adamchick and Pat Bell
Paul Aguillard and Lou Rising Sylvia Street and Kay Hooper Nat Hallmark and Frances Price
Marcia Freeman and Patti Salter John and Nancy Smalley Phyllis Mann and Barbara White
Richard and Marianna Carpenter Jack Evans and Liz Mackenzie Sue Harris and Judy Dishman
Kaz Bell and Patsy Pierce Dolores Belton and Juanita Dean Nadine Pearce and Jenny Shuffield
Lynda Jones and E. W. Sweeney Nixie Lynch and Mabel Matthews Cynthia Stueber and June Eddingston
Gertrude Cherry and Sandra Allison Carolyn Oliver and Carol McGill Jan Niederstadt and Joan Hataway
Marlyn and J. R. Edmonson Bill Delboy and Glenda Bass Ruby Collins and Jerry Triggs
Jim and Flo Ferguson Paula Burton and Ruth Hancock Paul Keedy and Jobie Irvine
Mary Johnson and Loretta Gary Barney Hammer and Susan Nimmo Beverly Leger and Arline Meyers
Betty Kirwin and Helen Williams Patricia Woods and Lucille Armintor Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart
Ernie and Betty Schluter Dr. Bharathi and Marian Jones Anna Smith and Ernestine Fisher
Carolyn Worsham and Linda Briggs Betty Favreau Marilyn and Gilbert Adams
  Lynda Jones with husband Pat and daughter Sandy  


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