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Unit 201 -
GOLD Life Master Party for Arline Meyers
April 1, 2017

Thanks to Linda Briggs and Dr. Bharathi for many of the photos!
Arline Meyers, Honoree

 Arline Meyers, U201's newest GOLD Life Master earned every one of her 2,500 masterpoints in Beaumont!  She played in Beaumont Gusher Regional Tournaments to get her gold points, in Beaumont Sectionals to get her silver points, and in Beaumont Bridge Studio games to get black points.  What an accomplishment right in her hometown!

Arline was flanked by her beautiful family and entertained by a host of hosts/hostesses headed by Joan Hataway.  A fun time was had by all, most of whom were sporting their black and white.

Congratulations, Arline!

Arline's Family
(Sorry, but I don't have the names yet.)
Hosts and Hostesses
Party hosts and hostesses included Jan Niederstadt, Betty Poindexter, Flo Gillispie, E. W. Sweeney, Martha Sigler, Liz Mackenzie, June Eddingston, Kaz Bell, Mary Johnson, Anna Smith, Beverly Leger, Edwina Landrum, Joan Hataway, Vivian Breedlove, and Marian Jones (not pictured)
The Program
Joan Hataway presided over the event. Arline's daughter, Ellen, blessed our food and spoke of her family's pride in Arline's accomplishment. Arline claimed she asked many to host the event so she could count on a large turn-out!
Carolyn Worsham presented Arline with an ACBL GOLD LIFE MASTER pin. A pig with wings hovered over Arline's head (?). Anna Smith and Don Moss sang original words to Clementine in honor of Arline.
Some of the things hosts/hostesses noted that Arline will only do "when pigs fly" -- bid more conservatively, wear short sleeves, quit collecting toys at Christmas, cook a gourmet meal, quit bidding slams, say no to Betty's eggnog, say no to chocolate, and not have any chocolate ice cream or chocolate cookies at her house. 

Joan closed by saying that Arline would be loved by many "until pigs fly."

  Enjoying the Day  
The Director
Director Ed Rasmussen directed the 19-table game.

The Players

Arline Meyers and Joan Hataway Lynda Jones and E. W. Sweeney Don and Juinez Moss
Anna Smith and Phyllis Ryan Helen Williams and Gertrude Cherry Jack Evans and Liz Mackenzie
Kaz Bell and Patsy Pierce Dolores Belton and Juanita Dean Melba Lee and Marianna Carpenter
Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody Beverly Leger and Ann Montgomery Loretta Gary and Mary Johnson
Paul Keedy and Sandra Allison Reggie Cox and Kimberly Goodson Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart
Phyllis Mann and Barbara White Ernie and Betty Schluter Tipton Golias and Dr. Bharathi
Fred Rice and Mary Lou Terry Billie Carter and Jerry Triggs Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie
Nadine Pearce and Jenny Shuffield Vivian Breedlove and Jan Niederstadt Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham
Martha West and Hilda McLeod Jim and Edwina Landrum John and Nancy Smalley
Sylvia Street and Jerry Heckman Richard Carpenter and Hilda Hahn Barney Hammer and Judy Dishman
Betty Poindexter and Marilyn Adams  June Eddingston and Cynthia Stueber Pat Bell and Linda Adamchik
Jerry and Susan Gore John Kacher and Tim Stelly Jobie Irvine and Blanche Sibley
Tommy and Mary Engelking Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist Diane and Mike Kern
  Janis and Don Williams  


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