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Unit 201 -
"Going to Baton Rouge" Party for Jack Evans
June 14, 2017

Jack Evans

 Jack Evans has played bridge for many years at the Beaumont Bridge Studio.  He received the Texas Star Award in 2011 for his service to the club.  For many years he served as webmaster.

Jack and his wife, Lynn, are moving to Baton Rouge.  They will be missed by the Beaumont bridge community.

Fourteen tables gathered to express their best wishes to Jack.

Bon voyage!

Party Photos
Steve Gerhard, Ann Montgomery, Jack Evans Tipton Golias, Juanell Jones, Dr. Bharathi, Norma Crane Frankie Hall, Edwina Landrum, Pat Schiwart, Loretta Gary
Verna Dahlquist, Flo Gillispie, Wilbur Dahlquist Jerry Heckman, Ernestine Fisher, Carolyn Oliver Juinez Moss, Susan Gore, Don Moss, Pat Bell
Don Williams, Sandra Allison, Janis Williams, Jobie Irvine Jane Kalkbrenner, Carol McGill, Jo Woody, Liz Mackenzie John Smalley, Betty Poindexter, Nancy Smalley
Helen Williams, Kay Hooper, Marilyn Adams, Betty Kirwin, Sylvia Street June Eddingston, Joan Hataway, Patsy Pierce, Arline Gallagher Lou Ida Rising, Martha Oliver, Paul Aguillard, Paul Keedy, Billie Carter
John Kacher, Kaz Bell, Tim Stelly, Beverly Leger Lucille Armintor, Patricia Woods E. W. Sweeney, Nixie Lynch, Lynda Jones, Jan Niederstadt
Bob and Beth Gay Mary V and Tom Engelking Jack Evans and Patricia Woods
Cover of Jack's Memory Album prepared by Carolyn Worsham
Some of Jack's recent partners and teammates (Emmy Ferguson; Steve Gerhard; Linda Briggs; Sandra Alllison, Juinez Moss, and Paul Keedy, Liz Mackenzie; Steve Gerhard, Tim Stelly, and John Kacher; Carolyn Worsham

Center photo with wife, Lynn, Mary Jane Garth, and Carolyn Worsham in 2013



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