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Unit 201 -
The Longest Day - Benefitting the Alzheimer's Association
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

For the fifth year, our participation was great!  The morning game attracted 15 tables, and the afternoon game attracted 14 tables!  

Players bought partners, honored loved ones by naming games, enjoyed a fried fish lunch caught by Jerry Gore and cooked by Jerry and Bill Worsham, played multiple games of bridge, bid in the silent auction, and made donations.  Thanks especially to Jerry Gore, Bill Worsham, Tipton Golias (who underwrote the lunch), Liz Mackenzie (who provided the desserts), Ed Rasmussen (who donated all director fees), Linda Briggs (who took most of the photos), and to all others who participated in any way.

  The early total to the Alzheimer's Association including game receipts
 exceeded $7,400. 

Job well done, Unit 201!!!!

The Morning Players
Posters, name tags, and balloons added to the festive day!
Thanks to Jerry Gore who provided 100 pounds of fresh catfish and Bill Worsham who helped him cook it on-site!  Bill presented "the guy who has everything" with a bouquet of fresh flowers.
The fried fish and hushpuppies were complemented by side dishes underwritten by Tipton Golias and desserts prepared by Liz Mackenzie
Overall Winners - Congratulations to all!
Morning (299er) Morning (Open) Afternoon (Open)
Tied for first in A:  Lucille Armintor and Patricia Woods and Barney Hammer and Frances Price

First in C:  Donna Bryson and Vicki Bennett

First in A:  Susan Gore and Dr. Bharathi

First in B and C:  Lou Ida Rising and Bob McGill

First in A:  Cynthia Stueber and Patsy Pierce

First in B:  Jack Evans and Ron Sanders

First in C:  Paul Keedy and Lou Ida Rising

Patricia Woods and Lucille Armintor Vicki Bennett and Donna Bryson Dr. Bharathi, bought by Susan Gore
Bob McGill, bought by Lou Ida Rising Betty Favreau and Liliana Greenwald Linda Briggs bought Patsy Pierce
The morning game featured lots of "bought" partners.
Wilbur and Verna Dahlquist Reggie Cox bought Vivian Breedlove Jack Evans, bought by Judy Lofton
Loretta Gary and Phyllis Ryan Judy Lofton and Patti Salter Kimberly Goodson bought Kaz Bell
Joan Hataway, bought by E. W. Sweeney Barney Hammer and Frances Price Cathy Henderson and Liliana Greenwald
Marian Jones Mary Johnson and Pat Bell Lynda Jones bought Betty Poindexter
Edwina Landrum and Beverly Leger Dr. Bharathi and Carolyn Worsham Paul Keedy bought John Smalley
Phyllis Mann bought Loretta Gary Nixie Lynch bought Nancy Smalley Mabel Matthews and Ann Creswell
Gertrude Cherry and Sandra Allison Carol McGill, bought by Liz Mackenzie Arline Gallagher, bought by Patti Salter
Carolyn Oliver bought Flo Gillispie Ann Montgomery bought June Eddingston Fred Rice bought Beverly Leger
Jenny Shuffield and Nadine Pearce Pat Schiwart and Glenda Bass Blanche Sibley bought Betty Poindexter
Martha Sigler, bought by Susan Nimmo Anna Smith, bought by Sandra Allison Carolyn Worsham bought Juanell Jones
Cynthia Stueber, bought by Pat Bell Tim Stelly, bought by Glenda Bass Jim Walker and Susan Nimmo
Helen Williams and Betty Kirwin Janis and Don Williams Ruth Burton and Laura Hayes
Martha Sigler, bought by Judy Dishman Paul Aguillard and Liz Mackenzie Ed Rasmussen directed all three games and donated all fees to the cause!
♥♥♥  Carolyn Worsham chaired the event and played for
Alice, Ann, Dora, Peggy, Randy,
 and all other Alzheimer's patients and caregivers. ♥♥♥




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