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Unit 201 -
Life Master Party for Richard and Marianna Carpenter
November 11, 2017

Thanks to Linda Briggs for many of the photos!
Richard and Marianna Carpenter

 After their marriage some 42 years ago, Marianna insisted that Richard learn to play party bridge.  Eventually they transitioned to duplicate bridge, playing at Rayburn, in Oregon, and in Beaumont (mainly on Sunday afternoons).  With the encouragement of many, including Nancy Smalley, Dr. Bharathi, and Connor Smith, they began "playing up" and accumulating masterpoints.  Most of their gold was earned in Gold Rush Pairs at regional tournaments; however, they earned their 25th Gold Point in a KO at the Tyler Tournament of Roses in 2017 with Karen Jennings and Hellen Revelle.

Congratulations, Richard and Marianna!

Hosts and Hostesses
Members of the Rayburn Country Bridge Club hosted the party.  Pictured above are Jeannette Johnson, Martha West (Chairman), Carolyn Boyette, Donna Carter, Sue D. Freeman, Alice Phipps, Peggy Newsome, Karen Barber, Hilda McLeod, Debra Groth, and Karen Jennings.  Others who helped included Judith Clower, Carol DeRon, Betty Glenn, Marilyn Burger, Iris Herbst, Gail King, Patt Marshall, Libby McLeod, Mary Taylor, and Jeanne Wright
Terry Fontenot made the scrumptious cake and cupcakes,
and JoLynn Durard engineered the festive seasonal decorations.
The Program
Carolyn Worsham honored all veterans and their families; Hilda McLeod provided the invocation; and Martha West emceed the event.
Martha presented Life Master Pins to Richard and Marianna.
Marianna and Richard thanked their guests and spoke of their journey.
Enjoying the Day
The Director
Ed Rasmussen directed the 15.5-table game.

The Players

Marianna and Richard Carpenter Mickey and Sue D. Freeman John and Nancy Smalley
 Bob Echols and Karen Jennings Martha West and Hilda McLeod Pat Bell and Liz Mackenzie
Donna Carter and Karen Barber John Kacher and Tim Stelly Marilyn Adams and Betty Poindexter
Carolyn Boyett and Jeanette Johnson Dr. Bharathi and Tipton Golias Zach Townley-Smith and Bob Townley-Smith
Peggy Newsome and Alice Phipps Barney Hammer and Phyllis Mann Nixie Lynch and Patti Salter
June Eddingston and Mary Johnson Don and Juinez Moss Helen Williams and Glenda Bass
Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie Carol and McGill and Kris Cherry Lynda Jones and E. W. Sweeney
Joan Hataway and Jan Niederstadt Patsy Pierce and Kaz Bell Jerry and Susan Gore
Frankie Hall and Pat Schiwart Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham Patricia Woods and Jobie Irvine
Sandra Allison and Paul Keedy Sylvia Street and Kay Hooper Betty Kirwin and Norma Crane
  Ferrel Ashby and Susan Nimmo  



Beaumont Bridge Studio | 950 North Street | Beaumont, TX  77701 | Phone 409-838-2447
Club Manager:  John Smalley | Phone 409-924-0706 | jnsmalley6@aol.com

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