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Unit 201 - 2017 Miscellaneous Photos


Spreading Mary Frizzell's Ashes on Beaumont Bridge Studio Property

Two of Mary Frizzell's sons and three of her grandchildren invited those who were playing at the June 17, 2017, STaC game to join them in the spreading of Mary's ashes on the property of the Beaumont Bridge Studio.

Coverage in The Port Arthur News on June 17, 2017

Two articles featuring the Beaumont Bridge Studio appeared in the June 17, 2017, edition of the Port Arthur News!  One spotlighted the total of $1,238 that was donated to Community Care-Prayer Outreach of Midcounty from proceeds of our Charity Games; the other informed community members of our support of the Alzheimer's Association's fundraising event, The Longest Day.

2016 Award Winners
MM = Mini McKenney; AC = Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs

Pictured:  Dr. Bharathi (3500-5000 - MM and AC); Nancy Smalley (5000-7500 - MM and AC; District 16 Teacher of the Year); Linda Briggs (Texas Star Award); Carolyn Oliver (0-5 - MM and AC); Susan Gore (200-300 - MM and AC); John Kacher (300-500 MM); Marilyn Adams (500-1000 MM); Jack Evans (1000-1500 - MM and AC); Carol McGill (2500-3500 - MM and AC); Tim Stelly (1500-2500 - MM and AC)

Not pictured:  Loretta Hughes (5-20 - MM and AC); Bobbie Carson (20-50 - MM and AC); Carolyn Lemons (50-100 - AC); Joe Kazmar (50-100 - MM); Mike Lemons (100-200 - MM and AC); Pat Bell (500-1000 AC); Joan Hataway (Goodwill Award); Connor Smith (deceased, Goodwill Award)

The Longest Day 2017 T-Shirts


 Our 2017 Neches River Festival Princess


Kaleigh Nikole Hancock represented the Beaumont Bridge Studio as a princess for the 2017 Neches River Festival.  Kaleigh, a senior at Westbrook High School, is the daughter of Jeff and Kristen Hancock and the granddaughter of our own Ruth Hancock Kaleigh, escorted by Cole Lindoerfer, was selected as a recipient of an Otho Plummer Scholarship. 

Lone Star Regional

ACBL President Bob Heller presented Nancy Smalley with the District 16 Teacher of the Year pin with District 16 President Tomi Storey looking on from the right.

Betty Starzec, Committee Chairman; Nancy Smalley, Honoree; Bob Heller, ACBL President; Tomi Storey, District 16 President; Bob Heller's wife Barbara; Paul Cuneo, ACBL Director

Marilyn Adams, Linda Briggs, Martha Oliver, Cynthia Stueber, Marianna Carpenter, Pat Bell, John Smalley, Carolyn Worsham, John Kacher, Nancy Smalley, Richard Carpenter, Bob Heller, Tomi Storey, and Paul Cuneo (Don and Juinez Moss, Don and Janis Williams, Mike and Carolyn Lemons, Miriam Cooper, and several others who were there missed the photo shoot.)

Linda Briggs received the Texas Star Award from Unit 201.  She is flanked by award winners from other units and Scott Humphrey, Awards Chairman.

Pat Bell, Martha Oliver, Susan Gore, and John Kacher (Swiss Team Bracket Winners on Thursday) Linda Briggs, Sandra Maalouf, Carolyn Worsham and Susan Mandel (Swiss Team Bracket Winners on Saturday)
Martha Oliver, Life Master Lynn Golias Gamblin, Life Master
(sister of Tipton Golias)
Marilyn Adams, Meng-Chr Tsai, Harry Selldin, and Tony Haddad (Swiss Team Flight A Winners on Sunday)
Honoring all District 16 Teachers



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