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Unit 201 -
Diamond Life Master Party for Dr. Aiyanadar Bharathi
February 10, 2018

Thanks to Linda Briggs for many of the photos!
Dr. Aiyanadar Bharathi, Honoree

 Dr. Bharathi with daughters Priya Coffey and Sowmya Bharathi

Congratulations, Dr. B!

Dr. B's Family and Friends
Daughters Priya and Sowmya; Dr. and Mrs. Jayaras Kandaswami and Prahav, Prahalad, and Nikita; Mr. and Mrs. Gowrishankar; Mr. Aravihd; Dr. Mary Manuel; Mrs. Jyoti Halaswami; Drs. Ramesh and Nina Karia; Dr. Vijay Krishnan; Mr. Sahjay Karani, Dr. Komal Karani, Laveena and Heena; Dr. and Mrs. Hai Pennuru; Tipton and Ann Golias
Hosts and Hostesses
Hostesses included Cynthia Stueber, Nancy Smalley, Martha Sigler, Nixie Lynch (decorations), Betty Poindexter, and Liz Mackenzie.
The Program
The "Mossketts" provided the vocal entertainment, a personalized rendition of "Big Bad John" with references to "Big Bad B!"
Nixie Lynch presented Dr. B with a box of diamonds which included personal notes from his bridge friends;  Nancy Smalley gave him a gag gift of a wrist watch set 15 minutes ahead; and Tipton Golias spoke of Dr. B's amazing journey in achieving Diamond Life Master mostly at the club level.
Dr. B shared a song and his philosophy of life.
  Enjoying the Day  
The Director
Ed Rasmussen directed the 14-table game.

The Players

Dr. Bharathi and Tipton Golias Lynn Adamchik and Pat Bell Vivian Breedlove and Juanita Dean
Marianna and Richard Carpenter Linda Briggs and Carolyn Worsham Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist
Steve Gerhard and Liz Mackenzie Ernestine Smith and Anna Smith Juanell Jones and Blanche Sibley
Mary Johnson and Loretta Gary Barney Hammer and Judy Dishman John Kacher and Tim Stelly
Paul Keedy and Sandra Allison Jane Kalkbrenner and Jo Woody Jim Landrum and Marian Jones
Phyllis Mann and Lynda Jones Bob and Carol McGill Arline Meyers and Beverly Leger
Carolyn Oliver and Nixie Lynch Don and Juinez Moss Jan Niederstadt and Joan Hataway
Betty Poindexter and Marilyn Adams Patsy Pierce and Kaz Bell Pat Schiwart and Frankie Hall
Cynthia Stueber and June Eddingston Martha Sigler and Flo Gillispie E. W. Sweeney and Nancy Smalley
  Martha West and Hilda McLeod  



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