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59th Beaumont Spindletop Sectional Winners
March 6-9, 2014

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Thursday, March 6

Stratified Open Pairs - Thursday Morning
Lynn Adamchik and Carol McGill Tim Stelly and Liz MacKenzie Beverly Broussard and Lou Rising


299er Pairs - Thursday Morning
  A, B, and C  
  Sharon Kirkland and Darlyn Dusek  


Stratified Open Pairs - Thursday Afternoon
  A, B, and C  
  Jack Evans and Bill Frank  


299er Pairs - Thursday Afternoon
  A, B, and C  
  Joe Nichols and Kenneth Hudson  

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Friday, March 7

Stratified Open Pairs - Friday Morning
A   B and C
Verna and Wilbur Dahlquist   Beverly Broussard and Lou Rising


299er Pairs - Friday Morning
  A, B, and C  
  Donna Bryson and Vicki Bennett  


Stratified Open Pairs - Friday Afternoon
Martha Sigler and Cynthia Stueber Marian Jones and Edwina Landrum Zach Townley-Smith and Dave Becker


299er Pairs - Friday Afternoon
A and B   C
  (no photo available)
Susan Domsala and Susan Mandel   Rogie Peyton and Marion Shortle

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Saturday, March 8

Stratified Open Pairs - Saturday Morning
(no photo available)
Martha Sigler and Flo Gillespie Michael Estep and Barbara Estep Bob Townley-Smith and Zach Townley-Smith


299er Pairs - Saturday Morning
A and B   C
Lynda Jones and E. W. Sweeney   Kris Cherry and Donna McFerrin


Stratified Open Pairs - Saturday Afternoon
Carolyne Fox and Phillip Grothus Joan Hataway and Jan Niederstadt Sarah Smith and Helen Williams


299er Pairs - Saturday Afternoon
  A, B, and C  
  (no photo available)  
  W Clingo and B Clingo  

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Sunday, March 9

Stratified Swiss Teams - Sunday
A B B and C
  (no photo available) 
Joe Quinn, Tom Clarke, Sally Wheeler, and Buddy Hanby          Gerry Earnest, Mary Felton, Marguerite Crowl, and Evelyn James


Director Co-Chairs  Pigeon Davis Trophy*
John Smalley Sally Blewett and Patsy Pierce Martha Sigler (16.12 MPs)

*The Pigeon Davis Trophy is awarded to the U201 member who earns the most masterpoints at the spring sectional.  The trophy honors Pigeon Davis who can be described as "an incredible bridge player and a unique individual."

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